Bypass the Competition and Sell Your House without Reducing the Asking Price

The key responsibilities of our real estate professionals go beyond merely assisting you in selling a property. We will assign you one of our finest realtors based on your requirements when you sign up with us. A few of our seller support solutions include performing a home evaluation, staging the property, taking professional-quality images/videos, and overseeing buyer-seller meet-ups.

The property assessment service we offer for our sellers is complimentary, which means you do NOT need to pay us anything when requesting the same. We will also provide you with an acclaimed attorney to ensure full compliance with all the applicable rules and regulations governing the real estate business in Canada.

Sign on the Dotted Line

You will need to make a service contract with us and accept the same in writing by putting your signature on it after you have decided on the realtor, broker, or real estate agent you wish to work with. Your agent will help you walk through the required paperwork.

Prepare your House

Your real estate agent will work with you and provide appropriate recommendations on how to prepare your property for sale. This often involves professional staging and ultra-high-definition photography/videography.

Put Your Home on the Multiple Listing Service

When your property is prepared to host open houses, your agent will put it on the Multiple Listing Service, more commonly referred to as the MLS. This effectively notifies potential buyers and their agents that your home is available for ready purchase. Your realtor will also devote time as well as utilize our state-of-the-art resources for the online promotion of your real estate.

Stage Your Home and Organize Open Houses

Now that your property is officially enlisted on the real estate market, prospective buyers will want to visit your premises at their convenience for an initial inspection and briefing. This will be accomplished through pre-arranged showings and open houses. You should discuss with your broker the suitable times to carry out such promotional activities.

Receive Proposals from Prospective Buyers

Depending on the current market performance, you may receive multiple bids at the same time or simply one. Your real estate agent will guide you through the specifics of each offer to make sure you understand and are satisfied with the one you are about to select.

Accept an Offer That You May Like

Congratulations on selling your home for top dollar! Your realtor will now guide you through the sales paperwork and help you with fulfilling the necessary formalities.

Move Out!

Allow ample time to disassemble and pack your belongings, furniture, etc. You must also make certain that nothing that was categorically included in the purchase agreement is removed from your property. If you are not sure if something should stay or go with you when you move out, do not hesitate to inquire with your real estate agent.

Complete the Necessary Formalities on Closing Day

You will be assisted by a real estate lawyer referred by us on the day of closing to sign the final sales documents. You are also expected to leave your house keys with your attorney so that they could be collected by the new owner/s before arrival.

Reach out to any of our real estate advisors to learn how you can expect to benefit immensely from utilizing our seller support services.

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